1h40min | Sortie le 06 août 2008 | France


| 1h40min


Jane Morton, a psychiatrist from Dublin in deep mourning following the accidental death of her husband and son, is assigned to work on the case of Dorothy Mills, a teenaged girl in a small village who tried to strangle a baby. After miraculously surviving a car accident, Jane discovers a village darkened by strange events and meets a very nervous Dorothy, who swears she never touched the baby. After analyzing the teenager, Jane makes a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder until the day that Dorothy speaks with the voice of David, Jane's dead son


Agnès Merlet


David Wilmot

Colin Garrivan

Ger Ryan

Eileen McMahon

Jean Murray

Dorothy Mills

David Ganly

Aiden Kearsley

Gary Lewis

le pasteur Ross

Rynagh O'Grady

madame McCellan

Joe Hanley

Paul Fallon

Gavin O'connor

John McCarthy

David Murray

Tom O'Brien